An oil and stone driveway, sometimes known as chip and seal or tar and chip. Chip and seal will offer the look of a gravel driveway, but will also provide a strong and durable surface. We suggest two coats of oil and stone on new driveway surfaces.

  • The driveway base is prepared and a coat of oil is applied with a special sprayer attached to the oil truck. A layer of gravel is then distributed over the treated surface and is then compacted with a roller.
  • This process is generally repeated once more, to provide a total of two coats of oil and stone. Once the oil is cooled and hardens, it will provide a stable surface for gravel. The end result will look like a natural gravel surface.
  • There will be constant loose stones; however maintenance will be minimal depending on the stone type. Stones come in a variety of sizes and colors and they provide an excellent alternative to asphalt.
    • All stone types are naturally minded products and may vary in size and color


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